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Toddler Gymnastics

Mini & Me

(Caregiver Participation Required)

Walking-3 years old, coed (40 min)

Mini & Me class is a caregiver participation class for children that are walking-3 years old. It is a structured class that is designed to help toddlers develop and refine their coordination, fine and gross motor skills and body awareness. Toddlers will be learning listening and social skills with their coach, caregiver, and fellow classmates. Along with, learning basic gymnastics (vault, bars, balance beam and floor/tumbling) in a healthy, fun and engaging environment. Please plan on full caregiver participation.

(Preschool Ages)

3-5 years old, coed (50 min)

Dragonflies class is designed for children who are ready to take on classes without caregiver participation. The classes are designed to create a safe and fun environment. Using obstacle courses and learning stations, they will learn gymnastics skills using the vault, bars, balance beam and floor/tumbling. While also learning skills needed for basic sports readiness and for social engagement with other children. 

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